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Spring Things

The two things I concern myself with during Cubs spring training:

  • 1) Major injuries to key players.
  • 2) The Opening Day roster.

Aside from a few minor bumps, bruises, and blisters, there are, thankfully, no serious injuries to key players. The final two roster spots appear to be filled by outfielder Mark Zagunis, filling the void created by Ian Happ’s assignment to Triple-A, and veteran lefty Randy Rosario to round out the bullpen. As for the the rest of spring training, make of it what you will.

When it comes to spring statistics and spring standings, I have more faith in the five-day weather forecast. To use either spring marker as a credible indicator of regular season performance is a fool’s errand. The 2016 Cubs finished the Cactus League schedule (11-19) with a minus run differential. Joe Mather and Brett Jackson, among countless others over the years, were March All-Stars. So until Tyler Chatwood shows he can command the strike zone in a meaningful game I literally don’t care how he, or any Cub, has fared statistically this spring. When the bell rings Thursday in Texas let the real counting begin.

Your thoughts?

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